Whether you want more leads, more website traffic, or more people buying your latest promotion, everyone wants more of something.    

Of course everyone wants more sales and profit, that’s a given, but the marketing part comes in by looking at what you specifically want more of and devising a suitable marketing strategy to work towards this.

I AM Marketing is also so called because it is about me, Andy Taylor, and if you would like to find out more about me please read Who I AM.

The way in which I could help your business is in one of the three ways:

Which of one of the 3 areas is right for you and your business only you can decide, but please remember any approach to marketing should follow the same principle, set your objectives, devise a strategy to achieve them and align the right activity.

This is a linear process, but 99% of businesses I talk to always start with activity first and then wonder why marketing never works.

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I AM Marketing Services

Website design & build
Digital marketing
Google Adwords campaigns

The SkinGym was a great project that allowed us to …well, get under the skin of it. We did everything from creating the concept, naming and branding the company, right through to designing all the communications. Once that was taken care of, we then launched the commercial website too. 

We started right at the heart and defined what the SkinGym actually was all about before creating a clear proposition. It’s based on the concept that its owner acts a personal trainer for your skin. She can recommend the right beauty routine to put your skin through its paces, make it work harder and achieve better results. Just like the gym does for your body. It highlights parallels that bring substance to the brand making it more convincing. Competitors just don’t have this. The look we chose is a great no nonsense approach. Clean white with a serious font and a light hearted name. The two work well to create a professional feel, instilling a sense of confidence in the audience. And the endline well, that was easy.

Love the skin you’re in. 


I AM Marketing Services...

Website design & build
Graphic design & print
Point of Sale

Like the phoenix from the ashes, a contemporary art gallery was proposed for the building of Tetley Brewery. We had the amazing task of creating everything for it. The name, the brand, the website and all the signage. An opportunity we loved.

Careful to stay true to the heritage of the site and celebrate its history, we kept the past alive and named it The Tetley. Yes, it seems pretty obvious and believe us, we explored lots of other names but this just stood out.

The benefit was that people would instantly know its location and already steeped in culture it seemed a fitting way to take it into the future. So, we developed a fun, minimal approach that’s really modern. Using the classic art deco font, Gill Sans we brought a refreshing switch on the heritage angle. We even designed the Bar & Kitchen, created branded T-shirts, menus and What’s On Guides. 

So The Tetley lives on. Bringing culture to Leeds and reaching the vision of it becoming the first gallery in Yorkshire to compete with Newcastle’s Baltic and Manchester’s love of the arts.


I AM Marketing Services...

Retail Packaging design & print

When the Bootea team asked us to design and procure their very first on shelf packaging we were over the moon. This refreshing health tea brand was in its infancy but was already sending ripples through the industry. Bright vibrant and full of energy the brand was doing extremely well in its mail order niche but an opportunity to take to the shelves of a high-end store created a need for a great new pack.

We took all the brand assets and transformed them into pack messaging that did everything great packaging should. It had visual impact, used the simplicity to harness the less is more cliché and it resulted in roll out across dozens of major stores like Holland and Barrett. It’s youthful, fresh stripped back pack now features in TV ads and sells in over 50 countries because of its striking look. As the first to market with such a unique product Bootea got a great foothold in the sector.


I AM Marketing Services

Marketing Consultancy
Market Segmentation
Digital Marketing

After working with J&C Joel for several years which included a company rebrand, segmentation of their comprehensive product range and a new corporate catalogue and website. James Wheelwright the owner and CEO of J&C Joel approached me to work with the business and their marketing team as an external consultant to help shape and guide the marketing team and their activity.

As a result I work with J&C Joel on a weekly basis on the following areas:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Campaign planning and implementation
  • Budgetary control and planning
  • Marketing return on investment analysis

J&C Joel are one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of flame retardant fabrics, flooring, drapery and stage engineering solutions for theatres and live events around the world and are now a £17m company with offices around the world and regarded as one of Yorkshire’s best kept secrets. Obviously this isn’t all because I now work with them on their marketing, but I am proud to work with and look after a talented marketing team who support a £17m international business.


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I AM Marketing Services

Point of Sale design

When Caterleisure - the owners of Cafe Oasis spoke to me about their sales at Norwich Airport, the brief was simple, they wanted to drive more footfall into their two outlets. 

After an audit of all the point-of-sale currently on display in both the airside and landside cafe's it became obvious that their needed to be a fresh new look to encourage people to visit before catching their flight. 

After analysing sales data for both food and drink, the 'Buy Before You Fly' branding was born to entice customers in to store, combined with a local market feel design. 

The results quite literally took off as the sales for the the advertised promotions broke all records and footfall increased dramatically in both cafe's. 

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I AM Marketing Services

Press Advertising
Online Advertising
Media Purchase
Graphic Design & Print 

How do you say Monopoly without saying Monopoly? Simple - develop the campaign 'Ahead of the Game' combined with simple iconic imagery. 

One of the regions most exclusive sales and letting agents came to me with brief of how do they stand out in a crowded market place and drive MORE enquiries for vendors to ask Beadnall Copley to value their home. 

The fully integrated ad campaign 'Ahead of the Game' was developed that used playful headlines and images that really 'drove' the enquiries. They certainly didn't want anything old 'hat' and wanted to make sure the campaign generated plenty more 'irons' in the fire so that staff didn't become 'board'. 

Thankfully I wasn't sent to Jail and got paid more than £200 for passing Go as the campaign that featured in the Yorkshire Post, local press, across Right Move and all social channels proved to be a real winner!




I AM Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy
IAMi Marketing Automation
Digital Marketing 

Direct Repairs is a new app based solution for Estate and Letting Agents that is designed to help manage repair and maintenance requests from tenants quicker and more effectively, saving time and money for the agent whilst improving the service for the tenant.

The Nottingham based business was started in 2016 and has already been recognised as a technology company of the future and is starting to make a big impact in the industry.

I AM delighted to be working with Direct Repairs as I genuinely believe they are the are at the forefront of the industry, and what is really exciting is that they are taking on the market leader FixFlo head to head as they compete on being purely an app based solution, making it easier for both the agent and the tenant to access through any device vs the competition who are software based and having to connect through the web.

When I first started talking to Direct Repairs, I asked them what they wanted more of and the answer was simple, sales. I have therefore worked with them to strategically work out how many sales are needed, who’s the core audience and we have now implemented marketing campaigns in both Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire that is getting a great response.”