Welcome to an insight into me Andy Taylor, this section is possibly the most important piece of information you will read on my site because if you don’t think that I AM the right person for your business, then this is where your journey will end. 


I AM a family man first, but the wife and kid's are expensive so it means I need to work, so here's a brief look back in time; marketing printers with Hewlett Packard, running the retail marketing division of 2300 UK shops for William Hill, marketing Durex’s range of new ‘toys’,  handling print runs of a million furniture leaflets, driving high traffic to a new skincare website, are all big and fancy facts to give you confidence I have got a fairly good idea I know what I AM talking about. 

However, it’s my experience of running my own marketing business since 2010 that has taught me that above all else, every penny counts, and that is the same if you’re a one man band or multinational plc. 

In truth, everyone says they want value for money, but that’s a lie, everyone wants results and they want more, and that’s where I come in, to help you go about it in the best way possible.

By all means I AM not the only person doing this, so if you’re looking for me to tell you I AM unique and the only person in the world that can deliver this for you, I AM not, but I have confidence in what I do, and deliver on what I say I will do. 

You may have gathered I AM fairly straight talking, that’s because believe it or not, I don’t have a lot of time for your typical marketing folk who tell you they want to ‘add some sizzle to your campaign’ and waffle on. I AM more straight forward than that, and we will either get along or we won’t, after all, people buy from people and if I AM advising you how best to spend your money it’s important you trust me.  

If you want to get in touch – please do, you can email me through the site or cut to the chase and call me 0113 897 0708.