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The SkinGym was a great project that allowed us to …well, get under the skin of it. We did everything from creating the concept, naming and branding the company, right through to designing all the communications. Once that was taken care of, we then launched the commercial website too. 

We started right at the heart and defined what the SkinGym actually was all about before creating a clear proposition. It’s based on the concept that its owner acts a personal trainer for your skin. She can recommend the right beauty routine to put your skin through its paces, make it work harder and achieve better results. Just like the gym does for your body. It highlights parallels that bring substance to the brand making it more convincing. Competitors just don’t have this. The look we chose is a great no nonsense approach. Clean white with a serious font and a light hearted name. The two work well to create a professional feel, instilling a sense of confidence in the audience. And the endline well, that was easy.

Love the skin you’re in.