Over the last couple of years there has been a big shift towards marketing and sales automation and the development of new platforms that give businesses complete transparency of their activity from start to finish, and if you see value in having a website for your business, then you without question should be considering a marketing and sales automation solution for your business. 

The platform I use is called IAMi and the principle is about 3 things:

  • Drive more traffic (Awareness)
  • Convert more leads (Consideration)
  • Turn leads into sales (Decision)

The actual platform itself is a combination of many powerful tools, from email broadcast software, through to user tacking software and CRM functionality, all designed to feedback to you who’s interacting with you, and what they are responding to which will ultimately help you to generate More.

However, marketing automation is not a plug and play solution for your business, it needs a strategic approach to achieve the right kind of More for your business, it requires properly mapping to your systems and processes and people need to be trained on how to use it. If that sounds doable, this could just be a solution that will transform your marketing. 

Once marketing automation is successfully integrated into your business It’s About More turn’s into It’s About Maths, because you will have all the data you need, including the cost per acquisition and conversion rates to be able to calculate how many customers you need and what the cost of that will be.  

How much does it cost?

IAMi is a monthly subscription that costs £350 per month, that allows unlimited number of users and up to 10000 email sends.

There is also no minimum contract period so if IAMi is not right for your business it can de stopped at the drop of a hat. 

Who is using IAMi...

If you want to know a little more here are two key cases studies to find out how these businesses have used IAMi to help them achieve more and grow their business:

Alternatively, if you want to jump straight in and discuss this in more detail please contact me.