I work with businesses in a coaching capacity and offer training and events with one key goal; to help decision makers make better decisions about their marketing, be it giving them enough knowledge and confidence to start doing their own marketing or help focus on making their existing marketing more effective.

My approach is always the same, set objectives, devise the strategy and look at what activity can be done to achieve the goal. 

In my experience 99% of businesses start by doing a burst of activity, quickly get frustrated that their marketing isn’t working and end up at the conclusion they can't afford to carry on. 

How can we get started?

By now you're probably thinking this sounds good but also it sounds expensive, but I have a couple of options that might just tickle your fancy...

  • Option 1 - a 1 hour video call to discuss your current activity and I'll take you through some structured frameworks to get you thinking the right way. For this it will set you back £60 (If i can't give you value for money worth £1 a minute then I might as well shut up shop!)
  • Option 2 - face-to-face meeting, review of current activity, frameworks to get you thinking the right way and a report back on proposed activity to achieve your goals. This one is £180

How to book option 1 or 2?

You can call me on 0113 897 0708 or email me andy@iam-marketing.co.uk we'll agree a time that works for you.

Please be aware that either option has to be paid for in advance of the meeting.

So AM I for you?

If any of this list sounds familiar, then maybe it’s time to we had that chat to help you get your marketing generating more for your business.

  • Your marketing objective is just how much turnover you want to achieve 
  • Your audience is anyone that will buy your product 
  • You don't feel your product is different to what's out there in the market already
  • You have no idea how many people are on your website
  • You’re not sure what messages to say or what to write about
  • Being top of google sounds great - but no real idea for what term or phrase 
  • You want to do marketing but don't have time to do it 
  • If you did marketing you're worried you couldn't cope with leads 
  • You want to do social media but not sure what to say or why 
  • Because there are now so many digital marketing channels, marketing feels very scary
  • You've got a feeling you need to some general emailers to your database 
  • Marketing = expensive 
  • You are sure marketing can work, just worried about the cost
  • You need more clients or sales

It's About More - I know I can help you get it!