To help you actually achieve more then you will need to implement activity that adheres to your strategy to achieve your objectives. 

If you choose to use me or not for your activity, is of course up to you, but if you do, here is a little more information about what you can expect. 

Having worked on over 250 campaigns it's an area I know a thing or two about, and the campaigns have been across numerous different sectors and all forms of marketing so I can bring plenty of experience and knowledge to the table.

Marketing isn’t a one size fits all approach and what activity is right for one business will be completely wrong for another, but the principles of marketing are constant, it's how we piece it all together that is the clever part.

But words are easy so here's a selection of projects and what it was they achieved more of:

The million dollar question - how much does a campaign cost?

Sorry to get your hopes up but I can't answer that because right now I have no idea as every campaign is different.

What I can tell you though is that I always work out the costs in the same way based on an hourly rate of £60 per hour X by how long the project is estimated to put together, and I always work quickly!

If you would like to discuss your next campaign to help you achieve More, get in touch